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Abramov Oleg Vasil'evich, doctor of technical science, professor, honored scientist of the Russian Federation, head of the laboratory of reliability control of complex systems, Institute for Automation and Control processes, Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (690041, 5 Radio street, Vladivostok, Russia),

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The method of individual guaranteed forecasting based on the extremal Tchebycheff polynomials properties and the ideas of minimax estimation is considered. The basic features and possibilities of the forecast method are investigated. It is shown that this method makes a forecasting even if the number of test measurements is small. It does not need any stochastic properties of measurement errors and other noises and possesses adaptive properties. It is the most expedient to use this method at maintenance planning for high-duty complex engineering systems which failure may cause heavy manufacturing losses or grave consequences

Key words

parameter, working capacity, engineering system, reliability, parametrical failure, forecasting

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